Clouded Mind

I know I love you but I am not sure if you love me as much as I do?
Is this love we’re feeling is true or just clouded because we don’t know what to do?
I’m in the dark but I could see the light
(See I lost the words… It was just on my mind a minute ago and I hurriedly wrote it … but lost it now..)
???However I could not move … I could not move on …???

Celebrating Valentines 2016 with Family

So, I have no plans for today but to stay in the house and just relax.

My Mom, suggested we go out and eat since everybody seems to be doing so. I asked we go after Sunday Pinasaya because I need to watch if Maine will be there since its Valentines and I am an ALDUB fan.

So, I was disappointed …. then we went on our family date.

We went home after because there is nothing for us to do in the City.


My Mom, doesn’t want her picture taken that is why I was laughing so hard because I find her childish.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

This is the day. This was the day! My OOTD is:

Daughter and Mother OOTD

I had my cousin drive me to the ENrGY dental clinic because I expected myself to be like this (after the procedure):

Two days ago, we visited the clinic for my dentist to have a final check on the tooth to be extracted. After, that I was really nervous because I searched for videos about wisdom tooth extraction and I have seen this (PLEASE DON’T WATCH IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO HAVE YOUR WISDOM TOOTH EXTRACTED)

I know, I know … too much watching videos will just make you feel nervous and it will not help because you need to be calm to have the procedure.

So, I arrived at the dental clinic and the assistant have me fill up some medical forms that asks about my medical conditions; allergies, medicines took, weight gained or loss, etc. Then she took my BP at the lobby area which resulted to normal.

So, the power couple dentist arrived and they took my BP while on the dental chair to be sure that I am not “high blood.” Sadly, I got nervous and it resulted “a-bit” higher than the normal range, but the power dentist couple discussed and said that it was just normal and that I just need to relax.

I never expected that the procedure would take more or less two hours.

A brief history so that you could understand me better (after all, this blog is for that purpose).

The Power Couple Dentist: Merci Ann Rico-Cheng D.M.D. is the Aunt of my kids on their father side. When this two couple were just dating, we would often see each other during their family gatherings. Ann is a kindhearted woman that always remembers to give my kids gifts during Christmas and never fails to greet me whenever we see each other – even if her cousin and I never end up together, she didn’t treat me as a stranger. If there is one thing I never regret loving her cousin, is that I have come to know these good people around him. BTW, Ann’s husband is James Mark S. Cheng and we call him Jimboy.

Jimboy and I never really talked to each other even after meeting for so many times. But today is an exception. OF COURSE we have to… he asks me if it hurts or not and if I fell pain I would utter “aaaaahhh” and if not there would be silence. For more or less two hours we had that conversation.


Anyhow, even if that was the only conversation we had, for that time span, I felt we became closer.

I’m really thankful for the wonderful power dentist couple … the two of them powered up to get rid of my troublesome tooth.

NOW HAPPY! No more pain.

A Visit to Kids Tita and Tito Dentist

Yesterday, we had our dental check-up as I was scheduled to have dental surgery for wisdom tooth extraction this Saturday.

My daughter didn’t have any fears facing her Tita dentist as she had a fun time during her first visit when she was accompanied by her father. She had cleaning back then and she treasured the experience and remembered the tools that dentists used because her Tita had named it for kids to have a fun experience; like Mr. Thirsty – the one sucking the water or blood out of the patients mouth 😀 Yesterday my daughter had cleaning and tooth filling because she has cavities already.

My son, on the other hand had a painful experience as he had tooth ache that is why we visited his Tita dentist. So, because the cavity had eaten most of his tooth, it has to be taken out forcefully. Even with anesthesia, my son still felt the pain. It was wise of his Tita dentist to speed up the procedure and so it ended fast but the pain still marked on his mind. He was hesitant to sit on patients chair but when I told him it would be a good experience this time since his Tita will just clean his teeth and also some dental filling. I was able to convince him but he asked that I should hold his hands during the whole procedure, and so I did.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
When it was my turn they teased me because they know I was a bit scared. Anyway, I was even more scared when their Tito dentist told me that the surgery will be twice the hurt of the regular tooth extraction.

Relax … relax … relax …

Anyway, I was blogging because it says that it was one of the ways to relax before surgery. I was nervous since the visit.


This Clicking Thing Makes Me Feel So Old

I was out of blogging world for a long time and back then (maybe 3 to 7 years ago), when you have a self-hosted website, you need to learn FTP to transfer your files from your PC to your hosted site.

NOW, well … it became very easy. Everything could be done by just clicking. Yes, back in the days you need to work hard for something. Now, just click and click. Well, it is an advantage for us because we know where those clicking came from.

Special In My Heart

Mood swings. Happens to me a lot lately. One second I am very happy then the next when I remembered something, I will be sad.

So, at the age of 34 what do you expect me to do when that happens?

I let my heart out to those people who are dear to me and trust-worthy.

It is hard when people whom you trust the most are not on your side. All I could do is type and cry. Then I will feel comforted when I get a reply.

My son, saw me crying while I was expressing myself by sending an email to someone dear to me and so I asked him to hug me. Continue reading “Special In My Heart”

34th Birthday

I did not prepare anything on my own for my birthday because my Caravana cousin had informed me days ago that my Aunt prepared a little something to remember the death anniversary of my grandmother (father side) and together with that to celebrate my birthday and my uncle. So, the plan was we will go to Guimaras to have lunch there, light a candle on Lola’s grave and sleep for the night. However, as we were about to leave for Guimaras when my Malaga cousin who I treated as a brother said that he will bring a cake and visit me in the house in Oton to celebrate my birthday, but we already have plans and so we proceeded to Guimaras and ate lunch at my Aunt’s house. After that, I watched my favorite TV program at our own house in Guimaras then proceeded to Lola’s grave lit a candle and prayed.

I opened my Facebook and I saw that my Malaga cousins celebrated my birthday without me. My niece and nephew were the ones who blew the candle on my behalf.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I had mixed emotions and got angry that the things we were supposed to bring in Guimaras were messed up and so I decided to just go back to Iloilo and end the day by celebrating my birthday with my Malaga cousins.

I bought soft-drinks, cupcakes, ice cream and pancit palabok (for long life) just a little something just for us to enjoy dinner since I didn’t prepare anything for my birthday.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My daughter wanted to have a Karaoke Sing-A-Long and so we did. Kids enjoyed singing.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

No alcohol involve, but we were like drunk singing our favorite songs.

I thank those who greeted me and celebrated my birthday with me or without me. Thank You SO MUCH. I appreciate the effort.


Last Day of Being 33

My driver’s license will expire tomorrow and there is no renewal since it is Saturday. So, I asked permission from my understanding boss that I will be late for 2 hours because that seems to be enough time for me to process my license renewal. Since, I am in the City, I have to renew it in the LTO regional office, and so as expected there will be a lot of people renewing their license there.

I was so happy when I got there early and I finished my medical fast. I was 5th in the line and I thought that I am going to be at the office, earlier than expected. Everything seems to go okay until the CSR called me for the 2nd time and told me that my license had an alert on it and I have to settle it on their Guimbal branch where I last claimed my license when an officer took it after my cousin failed to wear her seat-belt.

So I went to Guimbal branch which took me more or less an hour of driving. I thought my offense was all cleared when I paid and got my license back, but they were not able to erase it on my file due to some errors on their program. Anyway, after an employee told me that she had requested for deletion of error and I just have to wait for a few minutes for it to be deleted, I proceeded to renewing my license at the Guimbal branch, so I passed all the requirements I had. The LTO Guimbal evaluator informed me that the medical certificate the doctor gave me earlier was invalid because his license was only valid until January 10, 2016. So, I was told to get another medical certificate. They suggested the hospital but I thought it would take long since there would be many patients at the hospital, so I drove to look for private doctors but there were non available nearby (I stopped in 2 clinics to be exact). I called up my cousin to refer a doctor and so I went there and got the medical certificate I needed.

Went back to LTO Guimbal to finish my renewal, but when I got there which was an hour and or two after I left the place, still the error was not yet deleted. So, an officer told me if I could just come back some other time, so I explained that my license will expire tomorrow and I have to finish renewing it that day and so she said that I should wait for a bit for it to be cleared. Since, I already informed my boss that I had a bad luck that day and needed to be absent, I patiently waited for them to clear my license. So, it took about half an hour of waiting before it was finally cleared and then I proceeded to the window where my picture will be taken and after a while, my name was called in the cashier and I paid for the renewal fee. I waited for them to call my name in the releasing window. While waiting, I happen to be seated to a man who has a bad breath and obviously he doesn’t seem to know it and chooses to chit-chat with me, so I endured all that. I hold my breath while talking to him, so that I wont be able to inhale the bad smell. I sprayed alcohol on my hand just for some good smell to fight the bad smell. Then about 15 minutes after that my name was called in the releasing window and I got my new license.

It was a long and tiring day for me, but I am just so glad that I was able to renew my license.